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7+1 of the coolest water infusions for the summertime

It’s the summertime and the weather is nice and hot. So I collected a few of my favourite infused water recipes to share with you! These are completely natural and anyone can make them in a jiffy – I am sure that even those who do not normally drink water will love these.

7+1 coolest homemade water infusions

1. Cucumber water:

Place a few slices of cucumber into a 1 litre glass jar or jug. Let it sit for a few hours to let the cucumber diffuse its tender, refreshing aroma and turn the water into a cool hydrating infusion.

Add a few slices of lime or lemon for that..

2. Heavenly rose water, the drink of love:

You will not need a beautiful rose garden to prepare this infusion. All you need is a bottle of rose water. Add a few tbsp of it to 1 litre of water to have this aromatic, silky delight. Rose water is particularly recommended for women as its particular aroma wakes up the dormant feminine energies.

You may add some fresh rose petals for decoration or use only the petals instead of the rose water.

3. Nettle water:

There is no need to go very far from this, just walk into the garden and tear a few nettle leaves. Add them to the water jug and let it sit overnight. It is typically a very lightsome drink that resembles nettle tea, just lighter. It is perfect for detoxification.

4. Mint water:

I think this recipe is probably quite well-known. The perfect summer refreshment you may spice up with some lime or lemon, but is perfect as it is. All you need to do is to add some mint leave to a jug of water and leave it overnight or at least a few hours. Your guests will also love it! It is especially beneficial to be served after lunch or dinner.

5. Lemongrass infusion:

Similar to mint, but the aroma is slightly more intense. Lemongrass is refreshing and relaxing at the same time. All you need is a few leaves and stems of lemongrass to add to the water. Drink it before the evening rest, or add some honey for an all-day refreshing beverage.

You can make it with any kind of lemongrass or the combination of two, but my favourite is Asian lemongrass that is basically a thicker stem. Cut off a few piece of that and let it infuse the water. You may boil the water then cool it down, but it is delicious drank hot or cold.

6. Ginger infusion:

Add some minced ginger to your jug of water and the result is a refreshing, invigorating, cleansing, antibacterial spicy-aromatic beverage. You may add some lemon juice or honey.

7. Rhubarb water:

Slightly sweet, slightly savoury – just add a few slices of rhubarb stem to the water to enjoy its subtle aroma and the hydrating beneficial qualities on the entire body.

+1 As a bonus – fruit infused water variations:

The favourite fruit and berries of the season might as well land in our water. Add strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or any fruit of your choice to spice up plain water. Feel free to try different combinations.

As you can see, only our imagination is the limit when it comes to infusions. You may add any healthy ingredients from your garden to your water.


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