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8+1 secret daily detox tips

It is so true, that nowadays you seem to bump into /daily/ detox tips every once in a while, as the term really lives its revival in our modern world full of toxins and other harmful substances. I suppose that most of us had already tried a few of these, more or less trusted tips, but you must not forget that – as always – there are new things under the sun. And some of these will definitely be worth trying.

I am convinced, that it is primarily the Orient one can learn from in terms of philosophy. It is also true, that the best health and beauty tips and recipes that uplift body and soul also stem from there.

According to the ayurvedic point of view, our bodies carry a lot of unnecessary substances, usually link to the metabolic system, called ama.  I absolutely prefer the ayurvedic practices of ancient India, even if the total concept is sometimes difficult to be integrated into my everyday routine, some of the essences are really easy to apply.

If the metabolism, for some reason is not fully functioning, maybe unable to digest nutrients, then, this unnecessarily amassed matter gets amassed in an exponential way.

Unfortunately there is not much we can do against harmful environmental effects. What we can however, help is to tend to ourselves, to lessen the effects of above mentioned harmful substances and cleanse the body from the inside. This way we can reduce the harmful effects.

You should keep in mind, that the body is a wonderful device, that lets you know instantly when it is off balance.

There are 5 signs of toxins in the body, that you should look out for:

1. yellowish-whitish discoloration of the tongue

2.unpleasant breath

3.persistent body odour

4. fatigue, lethargy during the day

5. sensitive, painful joints

I suppose that over 30 years of age, most of us have already had experiences of such symptoms. This only makes me more convinced, that some of these tips should be followed as soon as possible to make the life of the body easier in this over-polluted world, to lighten this wonderful device of its burden and support its work for our health.

The following are simple and easily applicable ancient ayurvedic tips, that help a lot to maintain our health on a daily basis:

9 daily detox tips:

1. Remove plaque from the tongue twice a day by a special tongue cleaner or a spoon.

2.Body scrub with a dry brush: scrub the belly in a circular motion, the arms and legs from top to bottom. This opens the pores of the skin and increases blood and lymphatic flow, therefore increasing the detox process. It is best to do this in the morning or before taking a shower.

3. Another ancient practice – that works for me exceptionally – is to take to the so called oil pulling method.

This means, that you take some oil into the mouth and swish and swirl it for 1-2 minutes, then you spit it out. This removes the unnecessary things from the oral cavity, and also has a beneficial effect on the liver. Last, but not least, it whitens the teeth – maybe this is the reason I saw so many sparkling smiles in India.

4.Especially in the summer it is important to avoid the temptation of ice-cold drinks.

These work as a shock for the body thus slowing the metabolism and taking energy. Imagine the metabolical process as a kind of internal fire – it is easy to understand the harmful effect of cold liquids to this. It is better to have lukewarm and warm drinks that help the internal works. It is also important to avoid drinking during meals and at least for half an hour after, as this liquefies the food and slows down the metabolism.

It is well known, that some spices stimulate the internal processes. Ginger and the divisive tasting turmeric are two of the best known examples, but there are other similarly beneficial spices too. These are coriander seeds, caraway seeds and fennel seeds that make for a lovely concoction to brew and relish once in a while.

5.I think that dwelling on the beneficial effects of warm oil body massages in unnecessary. The lucky ones may enjoy these once a week.

6.There are few better things, than a warm salt bath. Use sea salt or Epsom salt for the best effect to cleanse the body of harmful toxins through the pores, it is a revival.

7.The teachings of Ayurveda go absolutely against traditional Western doctrine regarding breakfast. It is also my experience, although this may just be habit, that skipping breakfast is a better start of the day.

Although I had done this instinctually, I also learned that the body needs a 16 hour long fasting period after dinner, to help regenerative processes. /Read my earlier article on the topic if you’re interested./

So, according to Ayurveda, the time of the main meal is the afternoon, followed by a light dinner.

8.It is better, to have at least 3 hours between meals, of course, without snacking.

In case one cannot do without snacks or needs regular meals due to a health condition (such as diabetes), healthy snacks, fruit and seeds and allowed. Many of my friends told me, that this method also helped them shed some excess weight.

In my case, this was not too obvious, as I have kept my weight around 50 kg for a while now, but my well-being and internal cleanliness improved a lot  – so I can only recommend this to all healthy adults. I would also suggest keeping a routine in terms of mealtimes, to give the stomach time to prepare for the task

9. Maybe you have heard this before several times – but sleep before midnight is worth a lot more. Our biological rhythm increases the regenerative processes between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Therefore going to sleep at 10, latest at 11 would double the time and deepen the sleep.

Feel free to share your questions and experiences about your daily detox tips, I am happy to help, if I can!

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