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A secret elixir – or what made me suddenly feel 10 years younger?

A few weeks ago I got the chance to visit a friend of mine, a naturopath – M.D., in her private practice in Buda, where I participated on a total bioresonance and allergy , that also included a kinesiology (muscle response) food allergy test. I found a brand new secret elixir there.


My results had something to wish for, like my digestion and most importantly, the heavy metal build-up, which latter is not really unusual and the good news is that the body can be easily cleaned of these nasty toxic compounds.

Well, concerning the exhausting fight I have been fighting for my children in the past five years, I am not the least surprised at the result. I was recommended a detox and regeneration regime that also includes a diet which I have stuck to ever since. I was honestly surprised when the doctor recommended two types of injections. One of these is a “heavy duty”, concentrated anti-oxidant while the other is a homeopathic remedy to increase the lymphatic circulation.

The secret elixir solution:

There was nothing else to do than to dare myself to get the two injections, both of them of the muscular kind – which means that they are injected into a muscle not just under the skin. But my curiosity and will to change took over my fear of pain. As I haven’t received any injections for ages, I was really looking forward to get over it and get 5 ml of goodness into each of my buttocks. The experience compared favourably to that I treasured from high school, when everybody was horrified by the muscular vaccines.

As I was taking a long walk homewards I recalled the assistant saying that it is one of the favourite shot of patients, as an unusual airy lightness took over me – it felt like as if I dropped all my burdens. It is really hard to describe, but it felt as if every single cell of mine started to breathe at once. This long-forgotten lightness took over my steps, flew me home and stayed with me for a few days.

The doctor mentioned that the shot was to start up cell breathing and by that filling up the entire system with oxygen, but the experience itself left me completely awestruck. Even my mood lifted instantly and I started to wonder if I was the subject of an experiment, and if there was any stimulant in the cocktail 

As I got home I dived into research on the Tad ‘Tad ’Tationil’ glutation injection.

Due to its extremely strong concentration of antioxidants it one of the most important substances within the body to fight free radicals, open up and regenerate cell breathing, which is useful even in acute cases – especially in case of cancer – to provide wonderful healing results. As glutation is the number one healing agent of our body, in case of any kind of weakness only a few shots result in almost a rebirth.

In my case the recommendation was four occasions. As I already finished the course of these, and as I mentioned before, I am really pleased, I can only recommend it to all of my friends. Don’t wait for illness to develop, use it as prevention.

And as for the injection method: I would not consider myself masochistic by any means, but one must say that there are certain advantages of supplying an essential nutrient directly into the blood flow, as this is the fastest and safest way of immediate absorption.

As opposed to the capsule version that only partially dissolves in the overloaded digestive system of most people, this is an incomparable solution both in terms of time and results.

I believe that sometimes we all can use a fill-up to regenerate mind and body, just like we charge our car and electronics, we should not forget about ourselves, which is too sad. Nowadays, when the external factors we face everyday have so many harmful effects – usually damaging the intestines and digestion – we cannot utilize nutrients as much as we ought to therefore a quick fix like this injection is most welcome.

I’ve been wondering ever since, why is it kept guarded from the public? As, in my opinion, all MD-s must be aware of this knowledge. I think me and those, who got to know this substance either by need or curiosity are really lucky.

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