I was born in a small town in South-West Hungary. After Warsaw, Paris, the South of France and Vancouver currently I live in Budapest. After graduation, I instantly immersed myself in the adventures of travel. Travel has ever since been one of my greatest pleasures in life. For me, life is a wonderful journey. Exploring the unknown, discovering the world, different people, different cultures, all the mesmerizing colours of the world. You step over boundaries – physical and emotional to get back home changed. This feeling cannot be explained or compared to anything. Living in the middle of Europe I was attracted to the exotic Far-East. I was taken by the different perspective and philosophy, which became a part of me. I graduated from the Tan Kapuja Buddhist Theological College in 2015.

To learn the reality behind the unknown presence, to discover the wonders of nature and life, and art are my true vocations. I am also a storyteller for the future.

World Press Photo 2008 –Sports cat. 3rd place
World Press Photo 2006 Sports cat. 3rd place
NPPA Best of Photojournalism 2006 Jury Award
Grand Press Photo 2006  Sports 2nd place

Major Exhibitions:
2011 “New Works” Polish Institute Budapest

2008 “Globetrotting” New York City, NY, USA; UN Headquarters
2007 ‘Power Punch Girls’ Warsaw

In 2009 my dream came true, when I founded my Multidisciplinary Art Salon in the heart of Budapest, on the Andrássy Avenue (now Andrássy Art).

The Salon hosted wonderful exhibitions, fashion shows, readings, musical-theatrical performances, philosophical events among others.

As a photographer and gallery owner, art has always played a major role in my life. Painting, writing and creative pastimes are part of my everyday life even today.

Since high school years I’ve been fond of literature – especially poetry and writing. My favourite teacher reinforced my ambitions, and never ceased to inspire me to hop on the bandwagon of literature. I’m forever thankful for this.

I suppose the famous salon ambience of my literary studies inspired me to establish the Salon, this unique hub of cultural life, one of its kind in Eastern-Central-Europe. I was passionate about it!

The dreamlike character of my life came to a sudden halt a few years ago, when my life turned into drama. An internationally complicated child custody suit was filed, and my millionaire ex-husband took away out two kids in a whim. My daughter was six, my son four years old at the time. Although the legal verdicts had been made in my favour, my children have ever since lived in another country, away from me. I only get the chance to see them every couple of months for a few hours – under supervision, needless to say.

These urged me to raise my voice and to try to call attention to the bureaucratic, corrupted ways in which justice is not served, our heroic attempts to be reunited with my kids against financial power and influence. The war, where the lives of two innocent victims – my  kids – are at stake. I have started to write my memoir. At present I cannot see the end of the story, as it is still in the making. The book is in progress, as is my life. I hope for a happy ending, of course.

Indirectly, my story inspired me to start this blog. I hope to inspire and help others like me, men, women, and children, the weak who have to stand up against power, oppression or violence. I hope to be a voice against injustice. I hope to be there with my example, faith and resilience. I hope to be there to help you fight your fears.

This was the reason, but you will see, this blog is much more colourful and diverse – just like life itself.

You will not only read about my personal tragedy, but about all aspects of my life, that help and inspire me, that shed a beautiful light on everything: art, moments, everyday experiences and inspiration. I believe these positive thoughts inspire the body and soul balance inevitable to continue your fight day after day. I share with you the writings, thoughts and philosophy that have helped me pull through. I hope these will help all of you to find harmony in and around yourselves through these, anything life may bring you. Harmony within is spread over our relationships with others as well – and those relationships are foundational to our happiness.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog, and I certainly hope you’ll find the message that will serve you best.

I wish you a lovely time reading and browsing through the content!