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Secret Wonder Substance..the benefits of the wood ash

This time I will share with you the topic about an elixir, a real wonder substance, that I was absolutely surprised by -as it is so ordinary- yet, necessary. It is none other, than the benefits if the wood ash.

The speedy lifestyle, civilisation related disturbances, the pharmaceutical industry and other maladies of the modern age make us forget about the healing power of nature. We tend to forget about the ancient wisdom and knowledge, that has worked for millennia, as well as those wonderful substances that Mother Nature has to offer.

Who would have thought, that even ash from the fireplace, this seemingly modest and negligible end product is a true wonder substance, a real treasure for all living creatures?

The benefits of the wood ash:

Primarily it is wood ash, that offers a wide scale of benefits internally and externally. It is a true medicine for body and skin problems, and even plants will waive their leaves gratefully, when receiving some onto their soil.

The soft power is the result of burning plant matter, and it works well as a therapeutic potion, to sterilize water, as a raw material for soap making and well as a fertilizer. It has been used in Indian ayurvedic tradition for thousands of years for basically any kind of health problems where the neutralization of harmful substances in the body is important. It neutralises the unnecessary substances that enter the body via nutrition, like chemicals and heavy metals, and cleanses, purifies and alkalises the body.

Actually, it was only a few hundred years ago that Romanian peasants discovered that this by-product from the stove is actually very efficient for rheumatic and other mobility issues as well as for digestion, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and diverse neurological issues.

It can be used internally for digestive disorders, such as sickness, diarrhoea, gas, intestinal parasites, IBS or Crohn’s disease without any possibility of side effects. It is also beneficial in case of excitability, neurasthenia, psychomotor anxiety, alcoholism, paralysis, hypoglycaemia, and asthma or muscle enervation.

Externally, skin problems, such as burns, psoriasis, acne, fungal infections and scabies can be treated by a rinse tincture made of wooden ash. While the ashen soap that our great-grandmothers made purifies and softens the skin – ash is also a great basis for facial masks.

In case of bites and stings as well as against sneak bites it is a wonderful remedy, but it is used in toothpaste as well for its cleansing and whitening properties. Ash is not recommended in case of constipation. Otherwise the effects are just as good as therapy, only less expensive.

Dissolve half a teaspoonful of clean wooden ash in 50 ml water and use this therapeutically for two months by dividing the daily amount into 2-3 doses and drinking it before meals. This will alleviate most of the aforementioned problems significantly.  

In an earlier blog post, I have already discussed the traditional Indian fire ritual, agnihotra.

The ash resulting from the burning of plant matter has been used by therapeutic ayurvedic tradition.

By the worldwide spreading of ayurveda, probably more and more people will come back to this ancient, instinctual, effective and cost-effective knowledge, that seemed to be long forgotten.

Home, garden, or for our own purposes as a therapy – it is time to give this noble substance a try and use what Mother Nature has to offer in a sustainable and smart way.

I hope, all these benefits of the wood ash encourage You to dive further into this topic:

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