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What is the most important secret of healing water?

Summer is in its peak and due to the heat wave of the past few weeks, what else could I write about than the simplest substance that defines our existence: water. I do this now within the scope of this new series called “The Best”. In which I would like to highlight products with health benefits that are – in my unbiased opinion – the best in their field.

Healing water

My task is far from easy here, as we all know that taste is a really subjective matter that means something else for each individual. So I decided that I will only follow the strictest quality and knowledge guidelines to find the best of the best and recommend only the surest candidate. This topic is really hot now, as the dog days of summer require the cleanest and best quality water.

This substance is there without us noticing it, the main constituent of our body, and an essential element for life, the quality of which is crucial for the homeostasis. We are instinctively attracted to water.

Proof enough if we think about the ideal holiday venue. And as for drinking water, in our over-polluted world clean, fresh drinking water is becoming more and more important.

Unless we live by a freshwater stream we better think about our drinking water. Probably the plastic wrapped and then long-stored bottled water is not the best option, neither is unfiltered tap water with all the doubtful artificial additives. You better think about getting a good water converter device.

There is no surprise that the market is given increasing attention, because the application of the filters for everyday home use may be the best and safest solution for the water question.

As in most cases, the variety on the market does not make our task easier, so before investing, it is better to do our research thoroughly.

The only product, that is officially and also by my standards is claimed the highest quality deserves a short introduction here. 

The secret of healing water:

This is none else than the worldwide, also in Hollywood renowned and used Kangen water that started its worldwide rise to fame from Japan, from the island of Okinawa, where people live the longest. I do not want to dwell on Japanese precision, health culture, cleanliness and quality, yet I think these are important factors when we talk about quality.

Compared to simple water cleaning devices, this machine can transform water through the platinum filters into seven different types according to pH level, that all have their dedicated use /disinfection, beauty, and so on…/. The most important however, is its capability to produce water that is rich in active hydrogen, that has a plethora of beneficial effects to the body.

An entire chapter could not describe the advantages of hydrogenated healing water, but the long and short of it, is that the device produces anti-oxidant water that is soaked up directly by the cells due to its micro cluster structure, thus cleansing, detoxifying and refilling the entire body.

One of the experiments I personally saw, was that one tomato was put into tap water while another one, into pH 11.5 Kangen water. We could see, that the one soaking in Kangen water emitted darkish substances into the water, while nothing happened to the other one. This phenomenon is due to the micro cluster structure, that washes out and clarifies the cells from the harmful substances. In case of the tomato these were probably toxins and leftover chemicals – that are also abundant in the human body.

It is important to mention, that we are talking about an internationally certified medical device, that has been used by hospitals in Japan for decades, especially in cancer treatment. Therefore medical doctors also swear to the device that only weight 4.5 kg and can be applied to any tap.

I’m absolutely interested in your home water purifying solutions, so please, feel free to share your experiences with me..

I am also happy to answer your questions there.

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