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Wine Festival in Hungary /Buda Castle/

Last week I went up to the Castle to the wine festival, where, in the usually enchanted, magical mood we tasted the lovely wines from the late afternoon on. We were in a playful mood and even participated in a quiz in one of the tents where they promised a prize.

The finest wine experiences I met at the following tents: Following the lead of my expertly skilled friend we first went to the Tokaji Pajzos tent, where the 2016 Furmint helped us to an uplifting experience, the mild, slightly fruity, breezy wine proved to be great company on the pleasantly warm autumn day.

Moreover, the sales personnel was expertly prepared, she answered all our questions very satisfactorily to the minutest detail. It was a promising start to the evening. I could have spent all the evening by just this winery, but the colourful carnival of the people attracted me to discover more. Also, I was curious, if it can get any better. 

Afterwards the inevitable Italian prosecco became my next favourite, the mild and light flavours were spiced up by the fizzy bubbles. An uplifting next step, while we slowly and merrily promenaded on.

We couldn’t miss the Cabernet Franc of the as yet lesser known Schieber winery, from Szekszárd, which was a more voluptuous choice after the mild white wine and the fizzy prosecco, still, a pleasant surprise, that I can only recommend.

To end our rounds, we stopped by the Zwack tent, where we tasted Zwack Izabella’s Tokaji Furmint, which was wonderful, I couldn’t imagine a better choice. Although it was rather dry, there was no acidity in the aftertaste, it was an unusually light and delicious, mildly fruity wine, which is really tricky, as you just want more.

It was the finale of a wonderful afternoon. The day after I returned with my friends and proudly showed them over the same round and introduced them to the best white wines of the year.

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